Diverse group of 5th grade girls having fun in school

PowerUp for Middle School:

Prepares preteen girls for the challenges of middle school and life with a fun learning experience

  • Life skill education program series for 5th and 6th graders

  • Each day covers different topics crucial for self-esteem, mental health, equality, safety, and success

  • Fun activities enhance learning and enjoyment

  • Young women small group leaders make girls feel welcome and included

future events!

Spring, 2019

Venues and dates for 5th grade girls’ programs to be announced by February!



Greeley Recreation Center


Windsor Community Recreation Center 

Thank you to all who participated in these fun, successful pilot programs!

Please contact us if interested in becoming a program sponsor or host partner to empower girls in your community with the PowerUp for Middle School program!

Please read about the program below

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PowerUp Curriculum

Provides girls with life skills to combat today's common threats to well-being, such as depression, stress, low self-esteem, relationship issues, social media, substance use, bullying, body image and safety, and sexual pressure and harassment, while giving them foundations for mental health, equality, and educational success in a welcoming, fun experience!


POWERUP MENTAL HEALTH: Improve Self-Esteem & Manage Emotions

SESSION #1: PowerUp Positive Views of Personal Worth 

During this session, girls will learn to:

  • Define healthy self-esteem and distinguish how this differs from feeling entitled to get what we want

  • Identify lasting elements of genuine self-worth and elements that aren’t

  • Recognize how self-esteem helps our lives

  • Grasp media’s influence on female self-image

SESSION #2: PowerUp Emotion and Stress Management   

During this session, girls will:    

  • Learn that brain function is developing through the mid 20s

  • Identify thoughts versus feelings and understand we can control our behaviors, beliefs, and feelings by checking our thoughts

  • Begin to understand what depression and anxiety are and why self-harm like cutting or suicide happens sometimes

SESSION #3: PowerUp Coping Skills

During this session, girls will be learn to:

  • Use coping skills for stress like communicating with trusted friends and adults and other self-care strategies

  • Grasp useful versus harmful social media interactions and why not to use substances or aggression to cope

  • Identify when to get help for self or others


POWERUP RELATIONSHIPS: Find Healthy Friendships and Manage Conflicts and Social Media

SESSION #1: PowerUp Supportive Friendships   

During this session, girls will be learn to:

  • Describe healthy versus unhealthy friendships

  • Use friendship making and maintaining skills

  • Identify early romantic relationship myths and risks

SESSION #2: PowerUp Conflict and Social Media Management

During this session, girls will learn to:

  • Use conflict resolution skills with peers, adults, or family members

  • Manage the role of social media and drama in relationships

  • Use decision making and problem solving strategies

SESSION #3: PowerUp to Stop Bullies

During this session, girls will learn to:

  • Describe different types of bullying, how it affects victims, and why it's done

  • Deal with bullying if it happens personally

  • Take effective bystander actions when witnessing bullying

  • Deal with cyberbullying specifically


POWERUP SAFETY, EQUALITY, AND EDUCATIONAL SUCCESS: Discuss Body Image and Safety, Defense against Threats to Equality, & Learning Strategies

SESSION #1: PowerUp Healthy Views of Body image and Safety, and Resist Dating and Sexual Pressure

During this session, girls will learn to:

  • Create positive views of their bodies as they change during puberty

  • Define boundaries of safe touch and discuss ways to reduce risk of sexual assault (which will be simply defined as touching private areas without consent). Physical self-defense education will not be detailed, but ways to avoid higher risk situations and to create a social circle of safety will be emphasized.

  • Define sexual activity (as any voluntary intentional touching of private areas between two people), and discuss some risks of early dating and sexual activity

  • Develop strategies to resist dating and sexual pressures

  • (Detailed information on sexuality such as types of sexual activity and birth control are not part of this curriculum. But benefits of delaying dating and sexual activity are emphasized.)

SESSION #2: PowerUp Protective Strategies against Sexism and Sexual Harassment

During this session, girls will learn to:

  • Create a healthy view of being female by understanding and resisting the process of sexualization (growing up believing their worth is based on physical attractiveness, sexual dress and behavior)

  • Identify sexism, sexting, and sexual harassment

  • Use self-protective strategies against these harms

SESSION #3: PowerUp Educational Success in Middle School

During this session, girls will learn:

  • How education affects future success and equality

  • Tips for learning and remembering

  • Strategies for achieving good grades

  • How to get studying help

PowerUp Motivational Wrap-up

  • Review how girls can PowerUp for middle school and which PowerUp tools they can use from their tool box

  • Show motivational and optimistic video highlighting contemporary powerful women whose resilience led to success

Program includes:

Female college and graduate student guides who help participants feel welcome and included, and lead small groups

Snacks and drinks

PowerUp T-shirts

Activities, games

Take-home materials for continued motivation and learning

Designed to help girls feel

 P repared
 O ptimistic
 W orthy
 E mpathic &
 R esilient
 U nder
 P ressure

they'll face in middle school and life

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